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Alice Branton is one of the newly chosen Trivedi Masters by Mahendra Trivedi. Through The Trivedi Effect, she has ability to do Blessing to help the people for various life problems.
Alice Branton was declared as a Trivedi Master on dated November, 9th 2013. She has unique ability to do Energy Transmission through The Trivedi Effect for human wellness across the world.
Alice Branton is Co-founder CEO of Trivedi Global Inc. She has a vital role in strategic planning for Trivedi Affiliate marketing programs. Become a Trivedi affiliate for financial benefits.
Mahendra Trivedi is the founder of Trivedi Global Inc. and Trivedi Foundation. He is recognized for The Trivedi Effect, his unique ability to transmit a powerful form of Universal Energy.
Dahryn Trivedi is one of the three Trivedi Masters, who got trained under the guidance of Mahendra Trivedi through The Trivedi Effect. She has an unique ability to harness a powerful form of energy from the universe.
Dahryn Trivedi, one among three Trivedi Masters is both a disciple and wife of Mahendra Trivedi, who is renowned for his phenomenal ability, The Trivedi Effect to transform living-organisms & non-living materials.
Being one of the three Trivedi Masters, Alice Branton has also been doing Blessing through The Trivedi Effect for human wellness across the world for many years.
Alice Branton is the CEO of Trivedi Global INC. You can connect with   Alice Branton on Social Sites:  Linkdin,Twitter ,Facebook  and Google plus.



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